Best Vacuum Cleaner for Steps

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Steps – Stairs are difficult to clean, but not when you have the right vacuum. Choosing the best vacuum for stairs requires a careful evaluation of the models on the market. Uprights and canister vacuums offer great suction but don’t score high when it comes to portability and usability on a staircase. Cordless stick vacuums and handhelds are lighter, more portable, and easier to use. They are also the most suitable for emergencies such as pet accidents and spills. The best ones come equipped with features to produce impressive results, which makes them more preferable.

When buying a cordless model to clean the stairs, consider it’s runtime and suction power. A powerful vacuum will ensure no dirt remains. It will also clean different surfaces, including carpets. Ensure, too, that the device is lightweight enough to carry in your hands or hoist from one step to another. To clean the different parts of a staircase, choose a vacuum that comes with the necessary attachments or tools.


Before purchasing a vacuum, you will want to compare not only the price, size, and model type but also the set of accessories, the extra features (e.g., LED lights), and the materials of which it’s made of. Just because a product costs an arm and a leg does not mean it is perfect for your needs. And just because something is inexpensive does not mean it can’t meet your expectations. I would love to read your comments on my thoughts.

1.Shark CH951


The Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ is a small handheld vacuum. It has an outstanding performance on all surface types. It also comes with a turbo brush that has a self-cleaning brushroll to help tackle hair wraps while you clean. However, its dirt compartment is somewhat small.

It has a sub-par battery life of around 10 minutes and is advertised to take approximately six hours to charge, although we were able to fully recharge it under two and a half hours. That said, it’s a suitable choice for spot cleaning around your home.

2.Samsung Jet 90


The Samsung Jet 90 Complete is a lightweight cordless stick/handheld vacuum. It has an incredible performance on bare floors and is very good at clearing pet hair from all surface types. The battery can provide up to an hour of continuous use, which is great, but its performance really depends on what settings and tools you use, and it can be depleted in as little as 10 minutes.

This vacuum comes with two different brushrolls for bare floors and carpets, which helps give it a more versatile performance, but you have to manually switch between them. There’s also a storage rack included, so you don’t need to mount it on a wall. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest to maintain.



The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill comes with 30 accessories and the Black and Decker 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Battery. These batteries are always ready and can hold a charge for up to 18 months, so you don’t always need to charge them before use. This drill provides an extra level of control with a 24 position clutch that helps to prevent stripping and overdriving screws.

This drill is ideal for screw driving and drilling through wood, plastic, and metal. It comes with a soft grip handle that provides added comfort while in use and is lightweight to prevent user fatigue. Lastly, this cordless drill is backed by Black and Decker’s 2 Year limited warranty.

4.Flagship Dyson V7


The Dyson V7 handsticks might be the cheapest models currently available from the popular brand, but there’s plenty of power here for many users to get do away with their budget corded vacuums.

Just like the iPod, these cordless vacs revolutionized the household cleaning appliance. It began with the Dyson DC44 in 2009 and, although that model has long since been discontinued, the V7 range continues to impress… despite being a few years old already itself.



We purchased the Eureka Powerspeed Base so our reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

When you think of a powerful vacuum, you probably also think of a sky-high price tag. But with tremendous suction power, an intuitive and lightweight design, and a budget-friendly price, the Eureka PowerSpeed Base has seemingly shattered the mold.

After reading so many rave reviews of the vacuum, we were eager to try it out for ourselves. We have a combination of hardwood floors and Persian area rugs scattered throughout our home, so we’re able to gauge the Eureka’s effectiveness on various surfaces. Read on to see whether this vacuum delivers a solid performance for such an incredible price.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Steps – BUYER’S GUIDE


The vacuum that you choose should match the surface you intend to clean. If you have carpeted your floor, you need a powerful device that will reach deep into the fibers to remove debris. Here, suction power would be the specification to look out for. Some vacuum manufacturers indicate the level of suction achieve by their products while others don’t. In case they haven’t, the wattage of the motor can give you an idea of how powerful the vacuum is. That’s for the models that use outlets. For cordless sticks and handhelds, you can compare the battery capacity and the runtime.

Besides the suction power, some surfaces require the agitation or a spinning brush roll. If you have a carpet spread on the entire length of the stairway, strong suction is not enough. You need a motorized brush, especially if the stairway is high-traffic. Most sticks will have this feature. Choose those if you have carpeted surfaces to clean. There are other detailed features you may want to consider while at it, such as the anti-tangle capability for pet hair cleaning. Because you will most probably be using this vacuum to vacuum other areas in your home, you want it to be an all-round cleaning device.

The hard-to-reach areas will need the vacuum to have particular abilities. If using a canister vacuum, the extension hose would need to be long enough. You would also need an appliance that comes with attachments and tools to reach tight spots. These include crevice tools, which should also be long enough. Consider, therefore, the accessories that accompany the vacuum or those that you can buy separately.


Cleaning stairs cannot be compared to vacuuming flat surfaces. Besides the risers, treads, and stair noses, there’s also the hauling of lifting the appliance up or down the staircase. That means you need to choose a vacuum that allows you to use it in such an environment. In that regard, I advise you to consider the weight and size. You don’t want a vacuum that will tire you out even before you’re halfway with cleaning. Apart from the portability issue, I would recommend that you choose a model that offers excellent maneuverability.

If you have decided on an upright or stick, find a model that features a swiveling body. Because you will need to turn it a lot during vacuuming activities, a 180-degree swivel and above would be the most suitable. Choose a vacuum that rolls along smoothly, too. If the staircase is carpeted, smooth movement is a feature you can’t afford to ignore. That means assessing the casters used.

Whether a handheld, stick, canister or upright vacuum, select the one that comes with an ergonomic handle. You will not tire quickly or numb your wrists too soon into the cleaning task. Some come with a carry handle to enhance portability, and you may want to consider that when choosing your stair vacuum. For a higher level of cleaning comfort, select a model whose controls are easy to access. Some have power and other buttons on the handle, which allows you to operate different functions on the go. Foot-operated release levers and buttons also make using the cleaning device easy and comfortable.


You will have a choice of HEPA filters and standard ones. HEPA filtration allows people with allergy problems to use a vacuum without the worry of inhaling allergens. This filtration level comes at a price, though, and cleaners with HEPA filters are more expensive. Some vacuums come with washable filters that can be reused after cleaning them with water. You may choose those, and make maintaining your stair vacuum easy. HEPA filtration is advisable even if you or family member doesn’t suffer from allergies. An allergen-free air in your home is necessary, especially if you have toddlers and kids that may be affected by these particles.

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Bagged or Bagless

I wrote about this subject a while ago. While the method to hold dirt doesn’t affect a vacuum’s ability to clean, it can mean a lot when it comes to maintenance. Bagged vacuums require you to purchase replacement bags. If you don’t want that expense, you may opt for the bagless types. However, you’ll need to clean their dirt bin after every usage. One of the advantages of bagged vacuums is the higher capacity. If your home is high-traffic, that should be something to think about. Bagless units do not have this advantage.

At times, vacuums with small bins subject you to frequent emptying. To avoid that, you would need to consider the capacity of the stair vacuum you intend to buy. Only go for it if the bin is large enough for the situation in your home. For a better choice, base your selection on the amount of dirt that you want to clean. If you have kids or pets, choose a vacuum whose bin is large.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you vacuum carpet on stairs?

When vacuuming carpeted stairs, first remove any large debris that could clog the vacuum and dust the handrails and stair spindles. Next, attach a crevice tool to clean the corners. Once you have finished with the tight spaces, replace the attachment with a wider brush to clean the surface of each step. After vacuuming the flat stair surface, don’t forget to run it over the vertical risers in an up-and-down motion.

Q. How often should you vacuum your stairs?

You should clean your stairs whenever you vacuum your whole house or when you notice hair or debris on the surface.

Q. Is there a robot vacuum for stairs?

Since it cannot climb steps or access corners easily, a robot vacuum is not an ideal choice for stairs.


Stairs can be a challenge to clean. But even more difficult is finding the right vacuum to clean them. With most staircases being high-traffic, you want a vacuum that will pick every dirt and debris. However, most powerful vacuums are usually bulky. If you have a full staircase, a heavy cleaning device wouldn’t be ideal. So how do you go about finding the best vacuum for stairs from among the many on the market?

I drafted this guide to help you with that. It contains the considerations to make, the ways to tell a good vacuum for the hard-to-reach areas of the staircase, and more. I also picked the best models to make finding the right one easy for you. In the list are vacuums that would suit not only the stairs but also your entire home. Let’s get started.

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