Best Vacuum Cleaner for Thick Carpet

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Thick Carpet – Carpeted floors provide you with a luxury experience, which is also comfortable, but with comfort comes trouble. You have to face the consequences of cleaning, which takes a lot of effort to maintain high pile carpets, especially if they are thick carpets.

If you like high pile carpets and own them at home, you might need a good quality vacuum cleaner, as a normal one may not prove to be efficient enough to maintain your thick carpets. So you need a good quality vacuum to make your daily cleaning less strenuous. There are a lot of canister vacuum cleaners available in the market, which can make it hard for you to choose the right one for you; that’s why check out my list of best vacuum cleaners for thick carpets.


1.Soniclean Soft

The Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum is another upright vacuum cleaner. Through the incredible suction power and smoothly gliding design, this cleaner provides thorough and deeper cleaning. The model is designed to produce two hundred vibrations in a single second, which pulls out the deepest stuck dust and dirt from the high pile carpet and rug. Along with the vacuum cleaner, the brand also has featured a vent system that is adjustable and allows you to adjust the vent according to each type of carpet.

Moreover, this vacuum cleaner by Soniclean not only works great on high pile carpet but also does an excellent job on tile and wood floors as well. However, if your wood floor is sensitive and is not finished, you are recommended to be careful as the cleaner is designed to work for high pile carpets (see also vacuums for shaggy carpets). It may scratch your hardwood floor. The combination of powerful suction and larger wheels makes this cleaner an excellent choice for cleaning high pile carpets.

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2.Shark NV356E S2

Shark Navigator Bagless Upright Vacuum cleaner is designed with a tremendous suction power and also features the new suction release feature. This allows you to adjust the amount of suction to optimize push and pull on high pile carpets and area rugs.

If you are cleaning a smaller area, and it is getting pulled by the high suction, you can simply turn the suction release collar to release excessive air. This powerful suction release control is located at the base of the handle. By doing so, you can decrease the amount of suction at the nozzle. This makes it easier for you to push and pull the canister vacuum cleaner on your thick carpets and floors, as well. If you need maximum suction power along with the turbo brush, especially while cleaning high piled areas, you should make sure that the suction power is turned to maximum.

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3.Miele Complete C3

Miele is a well-known name in the cleaning industry and has been engineering high-quality cleaners since 1899. The Miele Complete C3 is a highly raved canister vacuum system that features a highly famous electro brush. The electro brush is designed especially for easy gliding, while also reaching into deep carpet fibers, cleaning deeply embedded dust and dirt. The five-level adjustment makes this model an excellent choice for medium to high piled and plush carpets. The complete C3 carpet cleaner also features a Vortex motor with a suction power of 1200 watts. This motor enables you to increase cleaning efficiency greatly.

Moreover, the double swivel neck that can rotate up to 180 degrees provides effortless maneuverability and also excellent cleaning for agile smooth floors. This floor-head features very soft bristles and makes it perfect for delicate flooring.

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4.Kenmore Elite 21814

Kenmore Elite 81714 is another canister vacuum system option on our list. The canister vacuum cleaner features two motor systems and dual wall construction. These features enable this vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust and dirt even in the most profound surfaces of high pile carpets and rugs. Kenmore Elite is a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner system that features four versatile, functional attachments, including a dusting brush, crevice tool, and a pet power mate. The pet power mate is motorized attachments designed to lift up stubborn pet hair and dirt, deep from thick carpets and rugs. The ultra plus nozzle provides powerful airflow, which helps you to achieve a deeper cleaning.

Furthermore, another excellent feature is the steering system that enables you to clean every nook and corner. The stair grip is another useful feature, which allows you to clean your staircase and other elevated areas of your home with ease. The cord is also long enough, which makes cleaning easy and comfortable.

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5.Dyson Ball Multi

Dyson is another very well known name in the cleaning industry and makes high-quality vacuum cleaners that are also very popular among people. This upright model is very well known for its powerful suction. Compared to other cleaners, it provides incredible suction, which is not paralleled by others. Firstly, when you open the box, you would be able to assemble the whole machine quite easily. The bristles assembled in the form of dusting brush bars are designed to be shorter and stiffer, which enables you to penetrate deep into the high pile carpet and remove hidden dirt.

Moreover, the cleaner also provides excellent performance on the hard floors. The self-adjusting cleaning head seals the suction, and nylon bristles dig out the most deep-seated dirt and dust. The hose and the wand release with one smooth turn, which allows you to clean high up areas on your walls and ceilings quickly. Accessible to the empty compartment release with the press of a button.

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Oreck’s LW100 Magnesium upright vacuum cleaner is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that provides you with a 30-foot long cord, which means that you have to take fewer steps while cleaning, and you can vacuum your desired space speedily. The switch meant for turning the machine on and off is located under the handle, which means you can easily take a break without running towards the plug. Oreck upright cleaner is manufactured with high quality and durable magnesium, which provides sturdy and durability to the model design.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner also features two different speeds, the high speed is perfect for high piled carpets as it digs out deepest dust and dirt, and the lower speed setting proves very gentle for delicate rugs’ cleaning. Moreover, the inner bag also features a HEPA filter, which is able to capture particles as small as microns, including pollens and animal dander.

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7.iRobot Roomba i7

If you want to achieve effortless cleaning without tiring yourself, you can opt for this iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. This is a very different machine from the conventional vacuum cleaners. The cleaner includes Compact Home Base allows for Roomba to dock, and you can also recharge when the battery runs low.

The brand claims the vac provides a three-stage cleaning system that picks up an amazing amount of messes, including pet hair, dirt, and debris. The edges of the walls have spinning side brushes that loosen the dirt and dust. The cleaner features counter-rotating brushes, which act like a broom and a dustpan and collect messes from floors. Finally, the Aero Vac vacuum sucks up all the mess from the brushes at the back of the large chambered bin.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Thick Carpet – Thick carpets can be difficult to clean well. Dust and debris can get embedded in the fibers of carpeted floors. And some vacuum cleaners can damage your plush, thick pile carpets.

We’re here to help you by showing you the best vacuums for thick carpets. These models won’t damage your high pile carpets. And they’re easy for you to maneuver and come with the right features to give your floors a thorough clean.