Best Vacuum Cleaner for Thick Pile Carpet

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Thick Pile Carpet – Thick carpets look luxurious and feel plush underfoot, but their long fibers can make them tough to clean. The wrong vacuum can catch, twist, or fray long fibers, damaging carpets over time, not to mention the fact that some vacuums can get stuck trying to maneuver through the thick pile.

The best vacuum for thick carpet can tackle the challenges while protecting your investment. Some are specially designed to tackle high-pile carpets, while others include beater bars, variable suction power, and height-adjustable heads to clean carpeted floors. Keep reading for the features to look for in the best vacuum for thick carpets and why the following vacuums are top performers.


1.Shark NV752

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright is the best upright vacuum for high-pile carpet that we’ve tested. This bagless upright does a fantastic job cleaning pet hair and larger debris like sand from this surface type, though you might need to make an extra pass to fully clean fine debris like baking soda. The vacuum head also features three levels of surface adjustment, allowing you to change its height on the fly depending on the surface that you’re cleaning.

Its ‘Lift-Away’ design makes it a little easier to clean hard-to-reach spots by allowing you to unlatch its main canister and then carry it around, though be aware that it’s somewhat heavy. You can fit a turbo brush, a crevice tool, or a dedicated upholstery tool to the end of its wand, depending on your cleaning needs. The vacuum’s bagless design and washable, reusable pre-motor and HEPA filters keep recurring costs to a minimum.

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2.eureka NEU182A

Grab yourself a bargain with this upright vacuum cleaner from Eureka. It won’t break the bank but will give your high pile carpets a good clean with its powerful dynamic motor.

You’ll get 3 handy tools with this vacuum cleaner. They can all be stored on the vacuum itself so you don’t need to worry about finding room for them elsewhere. The nozzle is 12.6 inches wide so it’ll clean more of your carpeted floors in less time.

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3.Kenmore BU4022

If you prioritize the cleaner means of debris disposal that come with a bagged vacuum, take a look at the Kenmore Intuition Bagged. Unlike the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright, it lacks a surface-type adjustment feature, so it can occasionally have trouble climbing over obstructions like electrical cords. However, its dirtbag reduces the chances of a plume of dust and dirt releasing when emptying the vacuum. That said, the disposable nature of its dirtbag and filters result in higher recurring costs.

Performance on high-pile carpet is great, as it easily cleans pet hair and sucks up a good amount of fine debris like baking soda, but it struggles more when dealing with larger material like sand. Its ‘Lift-Up’ design allows you to pick up and carry its canister separately to clear messes on furniture, shelves, and counters. Unfortunately, its short vacuum hose can make it a little challenging to clean hard-to-reach areas.

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4.Soniclean Soft Carpet

This is the only vacuum cleaner to use sonic cleaning technology, making it ideal if you want to give your thick carpets a really deep clean. And it’s been certified gold by the CRI, which means it has the highest performance certification that is awarded!

The sonic bar on the bottom of the vacuum head is activated in the deep cleaning mode. It vibrates 200 times per second. So this vacuum cleaner is primed to dislodge even the most embedded dirt when you’re vacuuming thick carpets.

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5.Simplicity Vacuum

If you’re looking for a more affordable stick vacuum but don’t want to give up much in the way of performance on high-pile carpet, consider the Simplicity S65S. It comes with far fewer accessories than the Dyson V15 Detect and lacks a surface-type adjustment feature. However, it’s significantly cheaper and amazingly effective when clearing debris from high-pile carpet, though it struggles a little more with debris like baking soda. Few parts need regular cleaning, so maintenance requirements aren’t very demanding.

Its allergen-trapping HEPA filter is also the only part that occasionally needs replacing, so recurring costs are impressively low. Unfortunately, its maximum battery life of over 30 minutes is significantly lower than the Dyson. However, this can vary in the real world. Overall, it’s one of the best vacuums for high-pile carpets that we’ve tested.

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6.yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum

The best robot vacuum for high-pile carpet that we’ve tested is the yeedi vac station. This robot vacuum has a self-emptying function that lets it dump any accumulated debris from its internal dustbin to an external dirt compartment built into its charging dock, slightly reducing hands-on maintenance requirements. It also features many other automation functions, including virtual boundary markers and scheduling cleaning sessions for individual areas.

This vacuum’s performance on high-pile carpet is impressive, as it easily cleans pet hair as well as the majority of fine debris like baking soda. However, it may need to make an extra pass to fully clean up larger material like sand. Its surface detection feature enables it to adjust its suction power mode automatically once it starts rolling on carpets.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Thick Pile Carpet – Vacuum type, suction strength, and maneuverability are key features to keep in mind when shopping for any vacuum. When choosing a model for thick carpet, look for one designed to handle plush pile, or one with either a height-adjustable head or variable suction settings.

Adjustable settings can help a vacuum tackle thick carpet and smooth flooring. Evaluate vacuums for the factors and features detailed below, and you’re sure to find the right model for your plush pile.