Best Vacuum for College Dorm

Best Vacuum for College Dorm – The best dorm vacuum lets you clean up messes and ensures that your room complies with the cleanliness standards that your dorm building sets forth. It speeds up the cleaning process so that you can focus on studying, meeting new friends and enjoying the overall college experience.

Consider the size of your room to pick the right dorm vacuum. For example, a larger room may benefit from a cordless dorm room vacuum because you will not need to stop cleaning and switch outlets when you are vacuuming.

You should also think about your cleaning style. If convenience is your ultimate goal, a bagless dorm vacuum is an optimal choice. However, if you are on a tight budget, value for your money will be the most important consideration.


With the information that you learned here and the dorm vacuum reviews, it is easy to pick the best vacuum for your college dorm room. Just compare your preferences to the reviews and narrow down your choices to the one that is the ideal fit.

1.eureka NEU182A

The Eureka Powerspeed Base is equipped with a washable filter, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements. It’s also outfitted with an extra-large, 2.6-liter dust cup, which means you won’t have to empty it as frequently.

We really appreciated the dust cup’s convenient design; it dislodges from the vacuum with the push of a button and snaps right back into place. To empty the dust cup, all you need to do is press down on the lever and the bottom lid will swing open.

2.VonHaus Vacuum

Earning a low score, the VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 didn’t particularly impress us. This vacuum is almost as loud as a traditional upright, isn’t particularly convenient to use, and delivered only an average performance on carpeted surfaces.

However, it does a bit better when it comes to hard surfaces, and the price makes this a widely accessible option. While there are far better-performing models to be found, this might be a decent pick for those who only have hard surfaces to clean and are on a particularly tight budget.

3.MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

Cordless stick vacuums have some advantages over full-sized onesthey are often more versatile than their bulkier counterparts. Since they run on batteries, you can freely move from room to room without the inconvenience of a cord.

Cordless stick vacuums tend to have a little less suction power, making them ideal for spot cleanings and quick spruce ups. The MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum is one of the most lightweight models on the market. I put it to the test to see how well it worked on various surfaces throughout my home.

4.Dirt Devil Razor

The Dirt Devil Razor Vac is an upright vacuum with few extras, but it performed well in our tests. It is lightweight and maneuverable and has good suction that effectively sucked up debris of all kinds, including pet hair. This is an affordable machine that is portable and easy to use.

The Dirt Devil Razor Vac is a vaccum cleaner for home with few extras, but it performed well in our tests. It is lightweight and maneuverable and has good suction that effectively sucked up debris of all kinds, including pet hair. This is an affordable machine that is portable and easy to use. While it is lacking in design extras, it has all the attachments you will need.

5.Bissell Featherweight

The BISSELL Featherweight is a good basic corded upright vacuum that can be used in a handheld configuration. It’s lightweight and very easy to carry around. It’s also simple to maintain, with few parts that need to be taken care of and a virtual lack of recurring costs.

It performs best on bare floors, though it failed to pick up large debris like cereal as its dirt compartment filled in testing. Unfortunately, its short power cord length and limited selection of attachments restrict its versatility, and its all-plastic design may feel cheap to some.

Best Vacuum for College Dorm – BUYER’S GUIDE


A swiveling head is one of the most useful features. It allows you to steer the device effortlessly, which is necessary when there are several items to avoid. The larger the degree of swivel, the higher the level of maneuverability. Check to see that the vacuum’s handle bends to let you guide the cleaning head under furniture. This feature is only useful if you’ve chosen a stick or upright vacuum.

Control features

You don’t need complicated controls for a dorm vacuum, only simple ones that make operating the device easy. Unless you prefer to have a higher level of control, choose a vacuum that only features a “low” and “high” motor speed. Such a device will cost you less but still clean impressively. What matters most is the location of the control buttons. If they are within easy reach, the vacuum is worth considering.


A vacuum to clean a dorm room need not come with many attachments or tools. There’s no need for separate brush rolls, different dusting brushes, or pet hair tools. Normal accessories are enough. These include an upholstery nozzle, a dusting brush, and crevice tool. You would also need a long tube or wand so you can reach high spots.

Other Elements to Take Into Account

Apart from the features, several other considerations can help you find the best vacuum for dorm rooms. One of them is the brand. Some manufacturers have a good reputation for producing premium vacuums. You may want to choose those for a quality device. However, consider your budget while at it, and avoid brands whose prices do not match the amount you’re willing to spend. Just because a particular brand is famous doesn’t mean it’s the only company offering quality vacuums (make sure you read my warranty and customer service brand assessment). Emerging manufacturers may not be widely known, but their products could be cheaper and equality high-quality. Which brings us to the next factor – ratings.

A vacuum’s ratings can be an excellent way to gauge its quality. Although that’s not proof enough, it can steer you towards a good vacuum. Consider the ratings on big retail sites such as Amazon. Alternatively, you can get the opinion of reviewers based on the features that a particular vacuum comes with. There are plenty of these reviews and guides online. And if you know of a friend or relative who has used the vacuum, consider asking them about its performance.

Another factor to consider when buying a vacuum for a dorm room is its price. Avoid expensive models that are meant to clean a whole home. Or, those that come with many features. The ideal dorm vacuum is a simple cleaning device, most probably a stick or handheld version.

While still on the issue of price, some brands are more expensive than others. Your budget will dictate the amount you spend on the device. A pricey brand or model is likely to be more stylish and presentable. If your budget allows, that would be the right choice. If it doesn’t, don’t feel compelled to purchase a costly vacuum. Instead, go for the reasonably priced model.


College schedules can be chaotic. You have classes, social activities and maybe even a job. This leaves little time for cleaning and chores. The best vacuum for college dorm rooms makes cleaning easy so that you can focus on the more important elements of your college experience.

Learn more about the vacuums that are perfect for dorm rooms. Explore comprehensive reviews so that it is easy to compare each model. This will ensure that you know all of the necessary details to make the best choice.