Best Vacuum for Small Spaces

Best Vacuum for Small Spaces -If you would like to do the work  of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our reviews of vacuums for small spaces at an affordable price, with considerations made for portability and storage capability. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no vacuum is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.

The upright vacuums are the most suitable for hard floors and carpets. They are equipped with powerful suction and can pick up large debris. However, they seem to be quite heavy.

The handheld vacuums are lighter than upright vacuums. They are the compact design and super lightweight. You can transfer them on the stairs without breathlessness. On the other hand, you can just clean places which can be touched.


And the last thing I want to say, if you have any questions or any helpful tricks about cleaning the apartment with a vacuum, don’t be shy, please leave a comment in the box chat below. I am looking forward to seeing your comments soon.

1.eureka PowerSpeed B


When you think of a powerful vacuum, you probably also think of a sky-high price tag. But with tremendous suction power, an intuitive and lightweight design, and a budget-friendly price, the Eureka PowerSpeed Base has seemingly shattered the mold.

After reading so many rave reviews of the vacuum, we were eager to try it out for ourselves. We have a combination of hardwood floors and Persian area rugs scattered throughout our home, so we’re able to gauge the Eureka’s effectiveness on various surfaces. Read on to see whether this vacuum delivers a solid performance for such an incredible price.

2.Bissell Featherweight


The BISSELL Featherweight is a good basic corded upright vacuum that can be used in a handheld configuration. It’s lightweight and very easy to carry around. It’s also simple to maintain, with few parts that need to be taken care of and a virtual lack of recurring costs.

It performs best on bare floors, though it failed to pick up large debris like cereal as its dirt compartment filled in testing. Unfortunately, its short power cord length and limited selection of attachments restrict its versatility, and its all-plastic design may feel cheap to some.



The Shark AI Robot is a robot vacuum best-suited for bare floors. It’s well-built and delivers a fantastic battery performance. While it picks up most small debris on bare floors, large debris like cereal can get stuck in its intake when its dirt compartment is almost full.

Pet hair also poses a challenge for this vacuum as it can get caught in its brushroll or intake opening on all surface types. Its performance on carpet is passable, too. That said, it has great maneuverability and you can use its companion app to control its features.

4.Tineco Pure


Enter Tineco. Just a few years old as a company and they are already disrupting the vacuum industry in how we clean with its line up of wifi-connected vacuums that offer unique features like automatic suction control, and battery optimization, self-cleaning filters, and its most innovative feature: iLoop Smart Sensor, which detects dust and dirt.  Seriously, some pretty exciting stuff.

I spent the last few weeks whisking the Tineco Pure One S12 cordless vacuum around my home. When I clean I’ve been compulsively keeping an eye on the iLoop Smart Sensor to guide me through to make sure I haven’t missed a spot, rather than seeing what the LED floorhead lights illuminate. And in the end, I notice my floors are clearer and cleaner.

5.Dyson Upright Vacuum


The Dyson Total Clean uses Radial Root Cyclone™ technology for incredible suction on hard floors as well as a newly designed brush bar for deeper carpet penetration for superior dirt removal. The shorter, stiffer brushes get deep into carpet fibers to remove even ground in dirt. The self-adjusting head transitions from hardwood to carpet seamlessly so nothing gets left behind.

The Dyson Ball Total Clean Vacuum also has incredible maneuverability. It’s responsive to the slightest flick of the wrist and changes direction on a dime. It also has an instant-release high-reach wand to easy clean ceilings, stairs, furniture and curtains. A combination tool and stair tool are also included.

Best Vacuum for Small Spaces – BUYER’S GUIDE

When looking for a robot vacuum for small areas, you have to think about the layout of your space. If almost every inch of floor space is covered with furniture, you’re going to need a robot vacuum with a short profile that can actually maneuver under and around furniture without bumping into stuff or getting stuck underneath the bed or couch.

Robot vacuums sweep in either a random pattern or in neat rows, but with a small home, you probably don’t need to shell out the extra cash for neat rows because depending on your setup, you won’t have a ton of open space that would require meticulous, row-by-row cleaning.

Some of the cheaper, smaller robot vacuums aren’t great for carpet, but leave hardwood floors so clean you’ll actually want to walk barefoot on them. If you have carpet in your home, look for a robot with powerful suction and a deep-cleaning brush roll. For hardwood floors, there are some robot vacuums that also have mopping functionality. This is awesome for saving space because you get two appliances in one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best robot vacuum for small spaces?

Our top pick for the best robot vacuum for small spaces is the Shark ION AV753 because of its ultra-slim profile. It can easily work its way under furniture to get every exposed bit of floor you have in your home. Plus, it’s just a downright powerful and impressive robot vacuum that truly gives you the most bang for your buck.

It’s not the only robot vacuum that impressed us, though. Check out all of our picks for the best robot vacuums for small spaces.


To accomplish the housework, I sure you cannot skip a vacuum. And a vacuum for a small apartment is not only convenient to use and store but also an economical and eco-friendly option.

However, various brands manufacture a variety of products with updated and unique functions on the market now. Therefore, it is easy to understand why many people have trouble when choosing the best vacuum for a small apartment that meets their demand.

If you are also facing the same difficulties, don’t skip my reviews since they will help you purchase the right one. Let’s keep reading and discover with me gradually.

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