Best Vacuum Sealer Bags for Food

Best Vacuum Sealer Bags for Food – Yes, as you can see, it is not only time-saving to use the best vacuum sealer bags but also safe and economical. If you are still not sure of the amount of time and money you will save by investing in vacuum sealer bags, I invite you to look at this and related articles on this site.

The amount of knowledge you will gather will be equal to none. In the end, you will love to use the best vacuum sealer bags in the market


Each of the reviewed bags has it’s strengths and weaknesses. A 50 foot roll gives the Vac-Fresh an advantage for vacuum freezing large quantities or large items. The Vac-Fresh is also the thickest bag at 3.5 mil.

1.YIOU Vacuum Sealer

You tried a new recipe that you saw online but didn’t read the serving size and now you have way too many leftovers to feasibly finish before it goes bad. We’ve all been there. Typically when that happens you have two options: eat it all until you get so sick of the meal you can never cook it again or throw it out and feel guilty for the waste. Luckily, there is a kitchen appliance that exists that can help you keep food fresher for longer, so consider this your guide to why you need a vacuum sealer in your life.

Vacuum sealers can store raw foods or cooked foods and help them stay fresh in your freezer for months at a time without the worry of freezer burn or leakage. You can also use many of these kitchen vacuum sealers for other household needs like clothes storage or sealing important belongings from wear.

2.GERYON Vacuum

Enter the GERYON vacuum sealer. This product is a popular choice among knowledgeable bulk shoppers and home chefs alike. Using special bags, the GERYON vacuum sealer allows you to remove the air from around your food, keeping it fresher longer. Many vacuum seal bags can go in the freezer for longer-term storage, but you can also use them in your refrigerator to keep fresh-cooked meals from going bad.

Buying meat in bulk? Cook some for dinner the night of your shopping trip. Then, use the GERYON to vacuum seal another few batches for storage in your freezer. You might also seal some more to keep in the refrigerator, as long as you’re planning to cook it within a day or two (always keeping in mind the recommended “use by” date from the package).

If you’ve cooked several batches of a meal at once, using a vacuum sealer to keep some of it fresher in your refrigerator can be a great way to enjoy delicious food for several days in a row without much extra effort.

3.Vacuum Sealer Machine

A vacuum sealer checks all those boxes. For starters, these practical little machines save you money by keeping your food fresher, longer. And you can indulge your culinary creativity with sous vide cooking, in which food sealed in a plastic bag is cooked in a water bath.

Vacuum sealers extract air from a bag, then fuse the sides together along a heated strip, creating an airtight seal. If you’ve ever frozen an expensive piece of meat only to find it covered with a thin layer of ice crystals, you’ll appreciate what a vacuum sealer can do. That frosty freezer burn doesn’t make the meat unsafe to eat, but it can change the taste, texture, and appearance.

4.NutriChef Vacuum

Earning decent scores overall and having one of the more manageable price points, the NutriChef PKVS18 established itself as a top contender in our lineup of vacuum sealers. This product affords plenty of pump control, allowing it to gently remove air from a bag without compressing the contents.

It’s also fairly easy to operate and has solid sealing times while pulling an above-average vacuum. All in all, this sealer is definitely worth a look if you want decent performance and a below-average cost.

5.Potane Vacuum Sealer

Save Money and Seal Freshness In: Meat Preserved With the Vacuum sealer Can Last up to 3 Years and Still Taste Fresh, Flavorful, and Freezer Burn Free; Prep Ahead Meals, Leftovers

Automatic Bag Detection Makes Vacuum Sealing Easier Than Ever: Simply Put the Bag in the Vacuum Chamber and the Machine Does the Rest to Ensure Your Food Stays Fresh and Flavorful.

Best Vacuum Seal Bags for Food

Best Vacuum Sealer Bags for Food – BUYER’S GUIDE

Protect your food from freezer burns – freezer buns are not only a menace for discoloring and spoiling the shape of your food but also make the food tasteless. Besides, when your food burns in a freezer, it is a wasted.

Maintain freshness for long – because there is no air or oxygen in vacuum sealer bags, the food is bound to stay fresh for a long time. Thanks to the airtight material, you cannot find mold and other fungi on food.

Increase cabinet space – when you have limited space in your kitchen cabinet, vacuum sealer bags help in ensuring you can utilize space.

Marinates and improves taste – yes, while this is debatable, some foods are sweet and tasty when they are preserved for some time under conducive environment. That is exactly what vacuum sealer bags do to certain foods.

Reduces food waste – in normal days when you buy food from the shop, cook and eat, chances are you are going to throw away the rest of the food that remains. Things are different with the presence of sealer bags that can store food for several months.

Quick & efficient – this is right. By saying, it is efficient, think about when you are busy. Your work will be to prepare food when you have time, store and only reheat when you need to grab a bite and leave for work. It is that simple!

No chemicals or toxins – most of the sealer bags in the market are products of BPA and phthalate-free material. These materials do not allow for fungi, bacteria, and toxins to thrive.

They save you a lot of money – sometimes, buying food is expensive. As such, sealer bags come in handy when food prices are low. You can buy food when the prices are at the lowest, store or even cook and store for future use. The opposite, when you don’t have a sealer bag turns out to be expensive. Without sealer bags, you will be forced to buy food every day whether the prices are high or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does food last in a vacuum sealed bag?

Answer: The length of time that food lasts in a vacuum sealed bag depends on two main things; the expiry date of the plastic bag and the type of food. To that end, the time food takes in a vacuum sealer bag is not pre-determined.

Q: Are vacuum sealer bags reusable?

Answer: Yes, in fact, one of the advantages of using the best vacuum sealer bags is that they are reusable.

Q: Do vacuum sealer bags reduce weight?

Answer: Absolutely not! In fact, they add weight. Although some may argue that once you remove the air from the bag, the vacuum sealer should reduce weight, the contrary is true. Remember, vacuum sealer bags have their own weight. Adding the weight of the sealer bag with that of the food does not reduce weight but add.

Q: Can you use regular bags in a vacuum sealer?

Answer: Using regular bags in a vacuum sealer is likely to add toxins to your food. Remember, regular bags are not made to serve the same purpose as does sealer bags.

Q: Can you boil food in vacuum sealed bags?

Answer: Yes! Boiling food inside a vacuum sealer bag that is designed to do the job is 100% effective and safe.

Q: How long do vacuum sealed bags last?

Answer: The best vacuum sealer bags can last from a few months to several years. Depending on the quality of the material, a good vacuum sealer bag is bound to last up to 3 years.

Q: What happens when food is kept in a vacuum?

Answer: When food is kept in a vacuum, chances of it being infected by fungi, mold, bacteria and any other toxins are rare. Besides, food tends to last longer hence saving you lots of money, time to cook, and at times, vacuuming may help regenerate the taste, and add nutritional value, due to the length of time the food stays in a vacuum.


You love your new vacuum food sealer. How did you ever live without it? There have been so many ways that it has made your life easier. Meals have become easy to fix.

You have been able to store leftovers, bulk foods, fruits, and vegetables. Unfortunately, your sealing frenzy has left you with no bags. You have used every bag that came with your new sealer.

Where do you find replacement bags? How do you know that they are good quality? Let me help you with a Guide and Review of the Vacuum Sealer Bags.