Best Vacuum Sealer for Liquids

Best Vacuum Sealer for Liquids – In an unbiased point of view, the FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine is a little more on the top than the other two; it is easy to use and the machine is designed with a lot of features that provide a wider and better vacuum sealing options.

However, if all of the three mentioned vacuum sealer machines are compared to the other vacuum sealers you can find in the market today, the three of them will stand-out; especially if you are dealing with vacuum sealing liquids and liquid foods.

Our quest to find the top vacuum sealer in the market took us weeks but we were finally able to come with the best vacuum sealers. At top place is our editor’s choice, the Foodsaver V4400. We loved this machine because it is fully automated, comes with an extra hand-held sealer and its Crush free technology that can seal even the most delicate products.


Our budget pick, the NutriChef vacuum sealer is also among the best vacuum sealer for liquids that we chose. It impressed us because it is compact, consumes less power and uses waterproof bags among other features.

1.Anova Culinary

The Anova Vacuum Sealer is exactly what the name says it is.  It is a vacuum sealer that will suction the air out of specially made plastic bags and then use heat to form an airtight seal on the bag.  It is a great way to preserve foods longer.  Also, a lot of people will often buy meats in bulk and use the sealer to portion off smaller meal sizes to store in the freezer.

When the chance came to review the new vacuum sealer by Anova, I jumped at it because I know they make some quality sous vide products, and I wanted to see how this sealer compared to a less costly sealer.  Read on to see how it went!

2.GERYON Vacuum Sealer

Savvy shoppers often choose to purchase food in bulk in an effort to save money. Busy home chefs advocate cooking several batches of a meal each time they prepare food so as to cut down on their time spent in the kitchen. In either case, it’s important to have a safe way to store the food you’ve bought or the meals you have prepared. After all, to go through such effort and cost, only to have food lost to spoilage or freezer burn, would be extremely unfortunate.

Enter the GERYON vacuum sealer. This product is a popular choice among knowledgeable bulk shoppers and home chefs alike. Using special bags, the GERYON vacuum sealer allows you to remove the air from around your food, keeping it fresher longer. Many vacuum seal bags can go in the freezer for longer-term storage, but you can also use them in your refrigerator to keep fresh-cooked meals from going bad.

3.Potane Vacuum Sealer

Save Money and Seal Freshness In: Meat Preserved With the Vacuum sealer Can Last up to 3 Years and Still Taste Fresh, Flavorful, and Freezer Burn Free; Prep Ahead Meals, Leftovers

Automatic Bag Detection Makes Vacuum Sealing Easier Than Ever: Simply Put the Bag in the Vacuum Chamber and the Machine Does the Rest to Ensure Your Food Stays Fresh and Flavorful


The unique pulse vacuum feature in this appliance makes it perfect for preserving more fragile and food items. This gives the machine a wide range of capabilities. For heavier duty items or liquids, you can even choose to double seal bags. This powerful vacuum sealer takes up a significant amount of counter space, so be sure to make room.

In our analysis of 66 expert reviews, the NESCO Delux Compact Vacuum Sealer placed 8th when we looked at the top 20 products in the category.

5.Hamilton Beach

Measuring 13.9 by 8.0 by 12.9 inches (HWD), the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker (model 49350) has a compact design that doesn’t take up too much counter space. It features a front-fill basket and water reservoir, and a glass carafe that can hold up to 12 cups of coffee.

It offers two brew strength options (regular or bold) and has a simple display panel with a clock and five buttons including Manual On/Off, Brew Strength, Wi-Fi, Time, and Ready to Brew. For safety, the machine has an auto shutoff feature that automatically powers it off after two hours.

Best Vacuum Sealer for Liquids – BUYER’S GUIDE

Special Features

Higher-end machines tend to have special buttons (for things like pulsing or sealing wet foods), and some might also have the ability to seal more than bags (like containers for marinating foods). More basic models come at a lower price point with fewer features, but they tend to take up less space and work well if you don’t need the extra amenities.

Bag Storage

Do you want a vacuum sealer that stores bag rolls? The rolls will always be on hand, and the machine will cut the bags to length. On the other hand, if the rolls don’t store inside the unit, you’ll have two separate things to keep track of, but the units themselves tend to be more compact.

Included Extras

There’s no doubt that you’ll eventually need to buy extra sealing bags and rolls, but some machines include a variety of both so you can decide which you prefer before you purchase more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can All Vacuum Sealers Vacuum Seal Liquid?

No, unfortunately, you cannot just buy any vacuum sealer and expect it to work with liquids. Only certain vacuum sealers, such as the ones above, are fit to use when storing and vacuum sealing liquid foods.

The vacuum sealers which aren’t suited for liquids will end up sucking up the liquid with the air during the sealing process, which clogs up the machine, wastes your liquid and just causes a huge mess. Yikes!

That’s why it’s so important to stick to vacuum sealers which are made to work with liquids as well as solids.

Can I Use a Ziploc Bag in a Vacuum Sealer?

Ziploc bags are not suitable for use in a vacuum sealer, but you could try to use them with a handheld vacuum sealer to remove excess air.

We recommend experimenting with a small amount of food first, however, just in case things don’t go as planned.

How Long Will Vacuum Sealed Fruit and Vegetables Last?

If vacuum sealed properly, most fruit and vegetables can last for up to 1 year!

The less air present in the bag, the longer the fruit or vegetables will last. With a good vacuum sealer, you may never have to throw out spoiled or moldy produce again. It’s a great way to save a lot of money in the long run.


One of the best ways to keep food from ​becoming a home to bad bacteria, which causes various illnesses, is vacuum packing – a method of storing or packaging that includes removing the air inside the package before sealing it. Vacuum sealing can extend the shelf life of food for 3 – 5 times longer than​ food stored in a typical refrigerator.