Best Vacuum Vleaner for Small Apartments

Best Vacuum Vleaner for Small Apartments – Living in an apartment is not an easy task. And managing a clean space while living in an apartment is a more hard task to do. Apartments can get dirtier than our houses.

If we buy a vacuum cleaner for an apartment, it will be a challenge to store it in the tiny apartments. So, we gave a list of the 5 best vacuum cleaners for every apartment.

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1.Black & Decker Stick Vacuum

If you live in a small home or simply don’t like dragging a full-size vacuum around, a product like the Black+Decker 2-IN-1 Cordless Lithium Ion Stick + Hand Vacuum is definitely appealing. Stick vacuums are smaller, lighter, and more portable than their full-size counterparts.

Many models are also cordless, so you won’t have to play musical outlets as you vacuum your home. However, this means most stick vacuums run on batteries, which can result in compromised suction power and run time.

To find out if this stick vacuum is a feasible replacement for a full-size vacuum, we put it through its paces, evaluating how well it performed cleaning up messes around our house.


We use our robotic vacuum almost exclusively in a carpeted room, which is the biggest challenge for such devices. This vac can handle our carpet, but if you have a high pile or shag carpet, you should avoid robot vacs as they can get caught in the fibers.

Depending on the type of flooring, it can clean for up to 100 minutes. We don’t get quite that much time, as it’s slower on carpets, and also because it slows itself and hits a Power Boost mode when it encounters heavier messes, like pencil shavings or a pile of sand.

3.TOPPIN Bendable Corded

Stick vacuums are convenient. They give you the freedom of movement that upright vacuums simply can’t provide. Nonetheless, some vacuums are stick-only vacuums without a handheld function while others are handhelds that don’t have a floor nozzle. Those limited to floor use are often geared toward either carpets or bare floors, and many can’t reach under furniture.

Plus, most stick vacuum runs off battery power, so you aren’t able to use the vacuum when the battery is charging. However, corded stick vacuums eliminate all these problems – the TOPPIN Bendable Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner is one of them.


BISSELL is an American manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and floor care appliances. They offer a diverse selection of vacuum cleaners, ranging from compact handheld cordless vacuums to bulky corded uprights and everything in between.

Most of their offerings are somewhat budget-friendly and use bagless designs, meaning that recurring costs tend to be pretty low. That said, quite a few of their more compact offerings struggle with clearing bulky debris, while their bigger corded uprights generally feel somewhat cheap.

5.Trifo Robot Vacuum

Although new to India with its range of cleaning robots, Trifo was established in 2016 as an AI home robot manufacturer. The company now has a growing worldwide presence, including in India, where the Trifo Max series of high-end cleaning robots was launched in September. Priced  onwards, the Trifo Max series isn’t among the most affordable options in the growing cleaning robot segment in India, but it isn’t too expensive either.

On review here is the Trifo Max Pet robot vacuum cleaner, the more powerful of the two models launched. Priced, the Trifo Max Pet has a rated suction power of 4,000pa, and a unique feature that not too many devices can claim to have – robotic surveillance, using the navigation camera. Is the Trifo Max Pet a useful robot to have in your home? Find out in our review.

Best Vacuum Vleaner for Small Apartments – BUYER’S GUIDE

Each type has strengths as well as weaknesses, so you should take into account carefully:

The upright vacuums are the most suitable for hard floors and carpets. They are equipped with powerful suction and can pick up large debris. However, they seem to be quite heavy.

The handheld vacuums are lighter than upright vacuums. They are the compact design and super lightweight. You can transfer them on the stairs without breathlessness. On the other hand, you can just clean places which can be touched.

The stick vacuums are the combination of upright and handheld vacuums. They are lightweight and can clean under furniture. Therefore, they are the amazing gifts for the elder Plus; it also works well on a variety of floors.

Robotic vacuums are the latest invention.  They are applied to the most advanced functions in these products. They are optimal devices for busy people since they don’t need people to control and automatically recharge. Nevertheless, they can not pick up debris on shaggy carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is it okay to vacuum in an apartment?

Vacuuming anytime between 8AM and 11PM shouldn’t cause too much trouble with your neighbors. However, this definitely depends on your neighbors and other general rules in your apartment complex. Keep the person living underneath you considered as they will be most irritated if you make too much noise too early.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for a small apartment?

The best vacuum cleaner for a small apartment is the eufy Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner because it really does suck up dirt, dust, and allergens with ease. Check our review above to see why it made the list.

Where should I put my vacuum cleaner in my apartment?

You can put your vacuum cleaner in your apartment’s kitchen, bedroom, TV room, hallway (entrance area), or garage.

Which vacuum cleaner has the most suction?

The vacuum cleaner we’ve reviewed which has the most suction is the Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It has a very powerful motor that helps it suck up everything in its cleaning path. If you’re looking for a powerful vacuum with lots of suction, we recommend giving Sebo vacuums a try.

What is the lightest most powerful vacuum cleaner?

The lightest and most powerful vacuum cleaner is the Eureka Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Customers used it on a variety of floors and it did great on all of them. If you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful vacuum, look no further.

Should I dust or vacuum first?

Martha Stewart says to “dust the room before vacuuming so you can vacuum up the particles that float into the air as you work”, and we couldn’t agree more.

How do I stop my house from being so dusty?

According to Fox News, there are 8 easy ways to eliminate dust in your home, here are our favorites:

  1. Change your bedding once a week.
  2. Keep your closets tidy.
  3. Use an air purifier
  4. Remove clutter from floors

Why does my house get so dusty so fast?

Your house gets dusty so fast because you might have cheap and/or dirty HVAC filters, you don’t clean your floors enough, or your pet(s) have pet dander which causes your house to get dusty very often.


Living in an apartment is not just like living in our own house. You need to face multiple challenges and compromise for many things while living in an apartment.

The number one challenge you can face is the low space. Many apartments come with limited space in it.

There may be no need for buying a traditional heavy vacuum for a small or tiny apartment. A small and lightweight vacuum cleaner will be fit best by keeping limited apartment space in mind. A cleaner would not take much space in your apartment.