Best Dvd Recorder

Best Dvd Recorder – We chose the best DVD recorders by creating a strict criteria. It’s important the units can record a minimum of 5 hours of footage, and we also included some DVD recorders that offer up to 10 hours of recording. This diversity also suits a range of budgets, so you’re bound to discover a DVD recorder for your price range above. We opted for models with a minimum 4GB of storage, so you can record hours of footage at one time.

We also concentrated on DVD recorders with a range of compatibility. The above selections are suitable with Windows, Mac OS systems, and some are even compatible with laptops without a drive hardware. We also chose some selections that allow you to burn media footage to your laptop, or transfer footage from a VHS to disc, or play all material to a disc, as well as watch DVDs through the DVD recorder.


The best DVD recorder will quickly record your favorite shows, so we researched products ones equipped with high-speed interfaces featuring at least a USB 2.0 connection. To ensure your recordings are high-quality, we also researched models measuring around 1080p to reduce any fuzzy and blurry footage.



The best VHS to DVD converters are potentially worth their weight in gold. After all, think about all the precious memories you have stored on camcorder tapes or VHS video cassettes. And yet this kind of storage won’t last much longer.

Even if you store them properly, magnetic tapes deteriorate quickly decay, within as little as 10 years. So it’s basically a race against time to transfer them to a digital format, that you’ll be able to share, edit and store forever.

VHS to DVD converters all work in broadly the same way. You connect them to your video recorder or pre-digital camcorder via a cable, to gather the footage, and then transfer it to your PC or Mac via USB cable.

2.Toshiba DR430


Record your favorite TV shows or home videos to DVD with the DR430 DVD Player / Recorder from Toshiba thanks to its DVD-recording drive and host of video inputs. For an enhanced DVD video experience optimized for your HDTV, the DR430 sports DVD video upconversion to 1080p. Simply hook your satellite box up to the DR430’s component-video or S-video inputs, set the timer, and you’re ready to record. If you’re looking to preserve home videos, you can either use the same video inputs to connect your VHS player, or the front DV input to connect your video camera directly to the DR430.

Finally, this Toshiba DVD recorder records to a variety of DVD formats for optimal versatility. Further, a front-panel USB port makes it easy to connect to digital cameras, camcorders, and portable music players whether for playback or for media transfer to DVD.

3.Magnavox MWR20V6


Are you tired of paying your mechanic high fees for repairing or servicing your Magnavox MWR20V6 DVD RECORDER & Video Cassette Recorder? If so, then you have come to the right place. Download this complete manual which is just similar to the manuals on CD ROM which are used by the mechanics.

It contains all technical repair information in clear and easy to read PDF format.

4.Sony RDR-GX300


The RDR-GXD500 is the first Freeview-equipped DVD recorder to be launched in the UK and is priced at a very reasonable . It’s surprising that no one has done it before – combining a digital TV receiver and DVD recorder in one unit means one less box under the TV, fewer cables and less hassle overall.

What’s more, DVD is the perfect medium for recording high-quality digital TV pictures in all their glory.

It may lack the awesome build quality and panache of the hard-disk-equipped RDR-HX1000, but in terms of looks, it’s still head and shoulders above most other DVD recorders.

5.Cyberhome CH-DVR1600


Surely, at this price, something like a DVD recorder would be made of old bits of tin and aluminium foil. Not so, it seems, as the one thing that’s surprising about both the machines featured here is the build quality on each. As for performance, well, that’s an entirely different story…

German manufacturer CyberHome is synonymous with the budget end of the market, and has already enjoyed a modicum of success in the cheap and cheerful DVD player/recorder market. Just over a year ago, we reviewed the respectable £250 CH-DVR750. The major difference with the DVR 1600 though, is that it’s £150 cheaper!

6.Xenocam 8CH 1080N


 Step on the Internet:With XM cloud service, easy to achieve a variety of network penetrations ,one step to remote monitoring, getting rid of various complicated network settings, easy and simple to operate.

 Compression algorithm ideal:H.264 compression algorithm,30% decrease of stream due to advanced space-time filtering technology. Playback quality: Supports full real-time encoding video, full real-time playback of multi-channel synchronous decoding.

 Main and Sub Stream:Main stream and Sub-stream encoding. Main stream for local storage, ensure image quality; Sub-stream for real-time network transmission, easy to solve bandwidth bottleneck problem.

7.Westshine 16CH


This 16 channel 1080N hybrid security DVR/NVR recording system can record ONVIF IP cameras and analog cameras simultaneously. Cameras are NOT INCLUDED and are sold separately, only use cameras of equal or lower resolution. Support 720P/1080P AHD/TVI/CVI/IP Camera and 960H Analog Camera.

This 1080N security DVR works with 1080P AHD, TVI, CVI, analog and ONVIF IP security cameras. H.265 high profile compression. HDMI and VGA output at 1920*1080P resolution output(under NVR mode). Instant motion detection email alert to let you know exactly what happened. Use the DVR to customize motion detection exactly to your needs: set a perimeter zone, etc.

Support cloud service, P2P function, easy to do remote control. Enable you to live view not only within your home network but also outside. It’s very convenient to view on your smartphone and tablet(Android & iOS) via free XMEye Pro app.

8.LG RC897T


Records video to DVD or VHS; HDMI output up to 1080i; digital and analog tuner for over-the-air TV reception; IR blaster for cable/satellite box control; FireWire input for camcorder dubbing; USB port for digital media playback.

 No S-Video input; ATSC tuner cannot deliver full HDTV resolution; lack of EPG makes timer recordings a hassle; LP mode doesn’t compare to Panasonic’s; no flexible custom recording speed.

 The LG RC797T is a competent DVD/VHS recorder with some attractive extra features, but it doesn’t quite stack up to the competition.

9.Philips DVDR3575H/37


 Records TV programming to DVD or built-in 160GB hard drive; ATSC tuner for receiving digital broadcasts; HDMI output upscales to 1080p; 30-second commercial skip button; plays photos and MP3s from USB drives; one of the only DVD/hard-drive recorders currently on the market.

 No support for dual layer or DVD-RAM discs; ATSC tuner cannot deliver full native HDTV resolution; no onscreen program guide or IR blaster limits ability to be used as a DVR; no flexible recording length; mediocre video quality on video-based content; subpar remote.

 The Philips DVDR3575H is pretty much your only choice if you want a DVD recorder with a hard drive these days, but it’s not as good as it could be.

10.Emerson EWR20V4


Best Dvd Recorder – BUYER’S GUIDE

Price – Oddly enough, this fairly dated piece of technology is often outrageously expensive on online marketplaces. This is due to their waning relevance. However, you can still find reasonable deals out there so be sure to compare prices before buying if budget is a concern for you.

Design – Given that DVD recorders are on their way out, their designs haven’t exactly been a priority for manufacturers. As such, they tend to be clunkier than newer technology out there. Still, most are slim enough to stow away in a drawer until you need it.

Additional features – At their most basic, DVD recorders can replace a VCR, but newer models have several neat features that offer distinct advantages. For example, some have multiple tuners, which allow you to record multiple channels simultaneously (one to the DVD and one to the hard drive). Other DVD recorders have Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, though it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean they can support streaming content like Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put more than one movie on a DVD?
While this largely depends on the size of the Movie file you’re burning, but in some cases, you can fit as many as 5 movies on a single DVD-R. However, it’s important to note that when burning a DVD, all you’re getting is the MKV file and not the additional bonus content, subtitles, or commentary tracks. It is possible to include these features when burning a DVD, but everything you add eats up space that could potentially be used for more movie files.

What DVD formats can I record to?
There are a number of recordable DVD formats that are all slightly different from one another. The 2 most common formats are DVD-R and DVD-RW with the key differences being that DVD-RW can be erased and re-written whereas DVD-R can only be written and finalized once.

What’s the difference between a DVD and Blu-Ray?
The biggest difference between these 2 formats is storage space. A standard DVD can hold around 4.7 GB of data, compare that to a whopping 50 GB of space on Blu-Ray. The extra space means that Blu-Rays can accommodate higher resolution footage, up to 1080p as opposed to DVDs that typically support 480p.


Finding the best DVD recorder can be difficult with so many options on the market. But one thing is for sure: they are a much cheaper alternative to cable and satellite boxes. Also, some of our top picks can help you free up space on your hard drive by converting stored media to a physical disc.