Best Vcr to Dvd Recorder

Best Vcr to Dvd Recorder – Several combo units are mentioned above which you can use to convert your VHS tapes into a DVD on your own. These discs can be further converted into a digital format using the professional Wondershare software.

The combo units can be purchased online or from the local store while the software can be installed from the official site of Wondershare.


1.VHS to DVD 7.0 Deluxe

Pros & Cons

The only analogue video device that I had to hand was a Nintendo Wii, so I used it to capture video and audio onto my computers hard disk and then manipulate this with the effects tools that come with the package.

First and foremost, the video output itself isn’t discernible from the video output you’d find on your TV, it’s every bit as clear and crisp as a composite signal can get.  Audio is also captured with no loss of clarity from the original, you truly get on your PC screen what you would get on your TV.

When it comes to processing your video, adding titles and effects, the offering within the package is pretty anaemic.  It’ll be fine for anyone who just wants to quickly add a title screen to their home videos, but it doesn’t offer you anything that you would want to use in, say, promotional materials.

2.Sony DVPSR210P

Pros & Cons

The black Sony DVP-SR210P Progressive Scan DVD Player is a versatile entertainer that comes at an affordable price point. First and foremost, it offers progressive output (480p), so your DVDs will be shown in a single frame and look smoother and clearer than before. This makes it ideal for your HDTV.

The provided remote control makes navigation easy — it can operate most major brands of TVs so there will be one less remote on your coffee table. If you have MP3 or JPEG files burned to DVDs, you can enjoy these using the DVP-SR210P as well. This player can play a wide variety of CD and DVD formats, and supports a bevy of file formats.

More than likely, you may at some point want to switch the movie you’re watching and come back to it later. Luckily, this DVD player can remember where in the movie you were when you popped out the last six discs you watched. The DVP-SR210P also does fast (and slow) playback with sound so you can easily find the spot where you were, if you’re not playing one of its remembered discs.

With support for Dolby audio formats, you can connect the player to your home theater system and enjoy immersive sound for all your movies. It also has a coaxial digital out for connecting to older A/V receivers or other equipment.

3.Bewinner Audio

Pros & Cons

Compact DVD video capture recorder can own real-time Video Watching.With the 3inch TFT screen, to preview the recording video or to play the video clearly.Video player is built-in speaker,when watvh video,you will have a nice listening feeling.

Besides, for AV recorder the recorder is built-in 950mA lithium battery,and it can continuely work for long time.USB2.0: Mini USB interface for connecting power, charging and transferring data.Video application: for tape player / tape camera / VHS / VCR / DVD / DVR / Hi8 / game console, etc.Audio application: for CD player / DVD player / cassette player / record player / mobile phone.

4.Insignia IS-DVD100121

Pros & Cons

This space-saving combination DVD recorder and VCR gives you the power to build a multiformat entertainment library. Playback your digital audio and picture CDs too! Learn more with these helpful resources: Build A Home Entertainment Library on DVDs.

Record crystal-clear progressive-scan DVDs from TV movies, shows or sportscasts to DVD-R/-RW and DVD+R/+RW formats, 4-head hi-fi VCR provides stereo sound and outstanding picture quality. Progressive-scan video output maximizes the picture quality when used with a digital TV or monitor.

5.Magnavox DV225MG9

Pros & Cons

Put the life back into your VHS tapes, DVDs, and audio CDs. With the DV225MG9 DVD/VCR Combo Player from Magnavox, you can enjoy your whole collection and even record new stuff. This space-saving unit keeps your home entertainment area clutter-free, has several handy features and an affordable price tag.

Play your VHS tapes without purchasing a separate unit. Whether you’ve got cherished home movies or classic films in VHS format, enjoy them all. The parental lock is perfect for family households, while one-touch recording lets you pull programming from a Satellite dish or cable box at the touch of a button. You can also search video tapes by time or index, which comes in handy when you want to see that certain scene in a home video.

When playing DVDs, the unit’s progressive scan technology delivers uniform picture quality. To add multi-channel surround sound, simply plug your Dolby Digital-supporting TV into the unit. It’s capable of putting out exceptional audio to enhance your entertainment experience.

6.Panasonic S700EP-K

Pros & Cons

The Panasonic DVD-S700 DVD player is quite simply one of the best DVD players out there right now. Not only is it one of the fastest we’ve tested but it is also region free allowing you to play discs from anywhere.

Discs can be bought-DVDs or rewritable, widening compatibility even further. Plus it will upscale everything to Full HD 1080p quality making it ideal for larger, high-resolution TV displays.

With extras like a USB port on the front, plus JPEG and MP3 support, this is ideal as a way to show off photos too. The whole thing is easy to use with a comprehensive remote control and decent selection of connections. The fact everything is encased in an attractive and svelte shell is a just a bonus.

7.Emerson EWR20V4

Pros & Cons

Emerson’s VCR/DVD recorder combo gives you the best of both worlds for watching and recording movies. Features DVD-R/RW recording and DVD-ROM, CD-R/RW and MP3 playback. One-touch 2-way dubbing makes recording as easy as possible as does the easy on-screen user menu.

These collect a lot of crud mostly oxide which flakes off of (old rental) tapes. Use as many Q-tips (wet but not dripping with alcohol) as necessary to remove all foreign matter from the capstan (the shiny shaft that pulls the tape through the VCR for play and record). Just don’t get impatient and use something sharp – the crud will come off with the Q-tips and maybe some help from a fingernail.

8.Lite-ON Black Premium

Pros & Cons

Lite-ON premium optical disc drive DH-16AFSH-Premm 2, is a professional-use half height DVD drive. (H/H ODD) Using high quality OPU, Spindle motor and other key components, DH-16AFSH-Premm 2 perform as a very high quality CD/DVD drive.

It supports all popular CD and DVD discs in the market with very good disc compatibility and writing quality. Under the strongest support from our experienced and professional ODD team, LiteON premium drive can satisfy every special requirement and application of half height optical disc drive in the world.

9. DMR-ES30V

Pros & Cons

DVD recorders, often equipped with hard drives, are fast replacing the archaic VHS standard when it comes to archiving our favourite TV shows. The reasoning behind this is clear: aside from the obvious picture quality considerations, a stack of DVDs is far more elegant – not to mention more space conscious – than a cabinet full of VHS tapes.

However, one roadblock on this upgrade path is what to do with said tape collection once you’ve discarded your VHS recorder. You could throw them away, or you could transfer them to DVD with the touch of a button using a deck such as the Panasonic DMR-ES30V. DVI

Pros & Cons returns with another snappily-named, though pretty useful, product: the USB 3.0 to HDMI/DVI External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter – 1920 x 1080. It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

The device is a basic external graphics card that transforms a USB 3.0 port into an HDMI or DVI output, enabling you to add a second monitor, or even an HD TV, to expand the desktop of your PC or laptop.

When it comes to desktop PCs, the uses for this device are quite limited. Unless you have the most basic of integrated graphics cards, your PC should have two outputs for connecting multiple monitors. If you want to add a third monitor, however, then this is an option that is both cheaper and easier than upgrading your graphics cards.

Best Vcr to Dvd Recorder – BUYER’S GUIDE

Built-in tuner – A built-in tuner allows you to record TV programs, which many people find to be a handy feature in DVD recorder/VHS VCR combo devices. Without a built-in tuner, you’ll have to connect a Cable/Satellite or DTV converter box.

Price – If you’re on a budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a low-cost DVD Recorder/VHS VCR combo device. Since supply is shrinking, prices of remaining units (some of which can be nearly a decade old), are getting very expensive, sometimes as much as two to three times higher than their original selling prices. Look out for used units, which can be cheaper and still functional.

Recording mode quality – Some of Panasonic’s devices, though largely discontinued, have an enhanced four-hour recording mode that lets you record sporting events and longer movies onto DVD with the same video quality as the two-hour recording mode. Depending on your intended use, this can be a very handy feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a DVD VCR recorder play VHS?
Most DVD//VCR combos can record in DVD-R and DVD-RW disc format, as well as play VHS. The Funai ZV427FX4 is capable of pulling this off giving it a great deal of general flexibility. It can also dub from VHS-to-DVD or DVD-to-VHS, as long as the dubbed content doesn’t have copyright protection. The physical media the recorder is compatible with includes DVDs/CDs/Kodak CD Picture Discs, and VHS tapes.

Does Sony make a DVD VCR?
Sony has made DVD VCRs in the past like the Sony SLVD360P, and it’s still possible to find them used on Amazon and eBay. However, Sony doesn’t manufacture new DVD VCRs, so you may be out of luck if that’s what you’re looking for.

How to transfer VHS to DVD without a VCR?
If you want to transfer VHS to DVD without a VCR you should follow these instructions. There are several options you have, including using a DVD recorder, using a DVD Recorder/VHS VCR combo unit, or connecting a VCR to a PC via a video capture device. If none of those options work, you may want to get professional help from a video duplicator to transfer the DVD professionally. This might be a good option for prized media like a wedding video.


Moved to a new home and found a box full of VHS tapes recorded years and years back? Recording videos these days has become easy with smartphones and portable media players, but this was not always the case. Earlier video cameras were used to record videos which were saved on VHS tapes then. So if you have a collection of these tapes and want to watch it with your family and loved ones, the ideal way is to convert VHS to DVD. Once the tapes are converted, you can relive the special moments on a big TV screen. Moreover, when you convert VHS tapes to DVD, you have access to physical discs. There are a number of VHS to DVD converters available for this purpose which are discussed in the following part of the article. Convert VHS to DVD and let your special moments live forever and ever.