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It goes without saying that VCRs have passed their prime. However, with a good VCR you will be able to transfer those cherished home videos over to DVD and continue enjoying them. After all, with the influx of DVDs, VHS tapes are quickly becoming obsolete.


One of the best overall devices has to be the Funai ZV427FX4 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo.

1.VHS to Digital Converter


The best VHS to DVD converters are potentially worth their weight in gold. After all, think about all the precious memories you have stored on camcorder tapes or VHS video cassettes. And yet this kind of storage won’t last much longer.

Even if you store them properly, magnetic tapes deteriorate quickly decay, within as little as 10 years. So it’s basically a race against time to transfer them to a digital format, that you’ll be able to share, edit and store forever.

VHS to DVD converters all work in broadly the same way. You connect them to your video recorder or pre-digital camcorder via a cable, to gather the footage, and then transfer it to your PC or Mac via USB cable.

2.Sima VHS-C


The Sima SCA Video VHS-C Adapter is a manual adapter that allows the playing of VHS-C tapes in standard VHS player or recorders.

We purchased the Sima VHS-Cassette Adapter and it worked fine when the first compact tape was run. Then for no apparent reason our VHS player just wouldn’t play any other cassettes in the adapter. We replaced the Sima with a motorized Dynex adapter from BB and have used that about 50 times without any problems. The Sima apparently is simply too fragile to provide any useful service life.

3.Panasonic PV-D4732


ADVD/VCR combo is supposed to economize space and cut down on setup hassles. Unfortunately, Panasonic’s top-of-the-line Double Feature model, the PV-D4762, is on the beefy side and has more buttons than your entire A/V center. But if you’re not the superficial type, this dual deck does offer good progressive-scan performance and smart VCR features.

A DVD/VCR combo is supposed to economize space and cut down on setup hassles. Unfortunately, Panasonic’s top-of-the-line Double Feature model, the PV-D4762, is on the beefy side and has more buttons than your entire A/V center. But if you’re not the superficial type, this dual deck does offer good progressive-scan performance and smart VCR features.

4.Magnavox DV225MG9


Put the life back into your VHS tapes, DVDs, and audio CDs. With the DV225MG9 DVD/VCR Combo Player from Magnavox, you can enjoy your whole collection and even record new stuff. This space-saving unit keeps your home entertainment area clutter-free, has several handy features and an affordable price tag.

Play your VHS tapes without purchasing a separate unit. Whether you’ve got cherished home movies or classic films in VHS format, enjoy them all. The parental lock is perfect for family households, while one-touch recording lets you pull programming from a Satellite dish or cable box at the touch of a button. You can also search video tapes by time or index, which comes in handy when you want to see that certain scene in a home video.

5.Sony SLV-N50


The Sony SLV-N50 VCR delivers users the best experience that Sony has to offer. Bring back the nostalgia of watching your favorite shows and movies on tape with adaptive picture control (APC) and easy setup. The APC fixes the resolution of any VHS tape to fit whatever screen you may be watching on.

Easily start watching whatever you want with the press of the easy setup button. This Sony SLV-N50 will fit perfectly into any setup to enhance your viewing experience.

6.Arsvita Car


The Arsvita Audio Cassette Adapter’s Intelligent Step-Down Design Creates A Secure Connection, While Its Dual Shielding, Polished Metal Molding, And Corrosion-Resistant Gold-Plated Plugs Ensure Reliable Performance And Minimal Signal Loss. Seamlessly Transmits Stereo Audio For High Quality Sound, Making You Enjoy Your Music Anywhere And Anytime!

 When You Have A Vintage Car With A Tape Player, The Cassette Adapter Will Let You Continue To Enjoy The Music On Your Phone! You Don’t Need To Replace Or Refit Your Car To Avoid Destroying His Original Classic!.

 1 Pack Cassette To Auxiliary Adapter, And A 3.5Mm Male Stereo Audio Cord Connected To The Converter 3.3Ft / 1M, Product Manual And Customer Service Card. 16 Months Replacement If There Is Any Dissatisfaction With Our Aux Cassette Adapter, Please Contact Us Firstly.

7.Quasar VHQ-940


Quasar Panasonic VCR VHS VHQ-940 4-Head Video Cassette Recorder Player w/ Genuine original Remote. Excellent condition. Only a few light scratches. Battery compartment is corrosion free. Tested the day it was listed, has an excellent picture and sound quality!

Will come packed well with plenty of protection. Ready to plug and play. Fast delivery from the heartland. Items usually shipped in 24 hours or less. Customer satisfaction is my #1 Priority. Item(s) exactly as shown in pictures.

8.LG Region Free


This region-free Blu-ray player helps you make the most out of your HDTV, no matter where you live. You will enjoy 1080-pixel video performance, plus high-definition audio that will be music to your ears. It comes with a Hemi output cable and a remote, and it has USB input and supports PAL and NTSC.

LG BP175 Region Free Blu-ray Player (Multi Region) Package Includes LG BM-175Region Free Blu-ray Player 6-Foot Dynastar Trademark HDMI Cable Remote with Batteries included 110-240 volts Power Supply with North America / USA plug EU Plug adaptor for use Overseas Region Free Instructions Sheet LG BP175 Region Free Blu-ray Player Features Region Free Playback of Any Region Blu-ray.

9.Samsung DVD-V4600C


Play your favorite DVDs with just a touch of a button on the Samsung V4600 player. Multitasking is fun with this Samsung combo player that lets you watch a DVD and simultaneously record a TV program to the VCR. The multiple language interface of this Samsung player allows you to set the language you want use while operating the menu. Moreover, the advanced digital filter and digital to analog converter of this Samsung combo player deliver crisp and clear picture output.

The RF output and input of this Samsung player supports all kinds of television. The Samsung V4600 player, with a universal remote, you can access the entire feature while relaxing on your couch.

10.Sanyo Corp


Best Vhs Player – BUYER’S GUIDE

Built-in tuner – A built-in tuner allows you to record TV programs, which many people find to be a handy feature in DVD recorder/VHS VCR combo devices. Without a built-in tuner, you’ll have to connect a Cable/Satellite or DTV converter box.

Price – If you’re on a budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a low-cost DVD Recorder/VHS VCR combo device. Since supply is shrinking, prices of remaining units (some of which can be nearly a decade old), are getting very expensive, sometimes as much as two to three times higher than their original selling prices. Look out for used units, which can be cheaper and still functional.

Recording mode quality – Some of Panasonic’s devices, though largely discontinued, have an enhanced four-hour recording mode that lets you record sporting events and longer movies onto DVD with the same video quality as the two-hour recording mode. Depending on your intended use, this can be a very handy feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a DVD VCR recorder play VHS?
Most DVD//VCR combos can record in DVD-R and DVD-RW disc format, as well as play VHS. The Funai ZV427FX4 is capable of pulling this off giving it a great deal of general flexibility. It can also dub from VHS-to-DVD or DVD-to-VHS, as long as the dubbed content doesn’t have copyright protection. The physical media the recorder is compatible with includes DVDs/CDs/Kodak CD Picture Discs, and VHS tapes.

Does Sony make a DVD VCR?
Sony has made DVD VCRs in the past like the Sony SLVD360P, and it’s still possible to find them used on Amazon and eBay. However, Sony doesn’t manufacture new DVD VCRs, so you may be out of luck if that’s what you’re looking for.

How to transfer VHS to DVD without a VCR?
If you want to transfer VHS to DVD without a VCR you should follow these instructions. There are several options you have, including using a DVD recorder, using a DVD Recorder/VHS VCR combo unit, or connecting a VCR to a PC via a video capture device. If none of those options work, you may want to get professional help from a video duplicator to transfer the DVD professionally. This might be a good option for prized media like a wedding video.


Getting Best VHS Player for Money is never easy, especially when there are so many options to choose from. And to make your Best VHS Player search easy, we are here with TOP 10 Best VHS Player to Buy in 2020. In this post, we have provided the Ultimate Buying Guide for VHS Player. So let’s dive into the topic to know more about the VHS Player and its features according to the product.