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Best Vhs to Digital Converter – You should now have all the information you need to make the right choice on the best VHS to digital converter for you. The four options here all have exceptional qualities.

If we were to choose a favorite, it would have to be the Elgato Video Capture due to the remarkable consistency it has in producing high-quality files. A strong contender with very similar qualities is the VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite which you’ll also be able to rely on to get the results you want.


As you can see, all four models are brilliant in their own way. It’s important to choose the one that most closely matches your needs. If you’re still unsure then have a quick read over the buying guide once again.

Once you have your perfect converter then you’ll be able to enjoy those old videos in a much easier to watch format.

1.Roxio Easy VHS

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus has options for both composite and S-Video inputs. This device connects to any available USB 2.0 port on your laptop or desktop, while the composite RCA connections connect to your video device. Because it’s USB 2.0, the copy speeds are limited, so this is a slow process. As long as your device has composite outputs, the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus can capture video from it.

And you can use the hardware with any other program capable of recognizing and converting from analog devices like your VCR. We strongly recommend finding a different VHS to DVD software, like OBS Studio for Mac or PC, if you have difficulty with Roxio’s own software.


Before the age of smartphones, tablets, social media and even digital cameras, there was the VHS cassette time. It was the only way to record and store all of our videos. Some of your most cherished moments in life are on VHS format ? TV shows, music videos from the 80s, weddings and your kids? birthdays.

This Video Grabber easily collects data from your original source (in this case a VHS player), and displays it beautifully on your PC or laptop. At the same time it is recording and saving it for editing later.


The Digitnow! HD video Recorder is an all in one transcriber box that will allow you to transfer videos from various sources. Sold as a console game capture device, it will easily transfer old VHS or your Video 8 footage without a problem.

Someone wrote to me a while back asking for advice on a better capture device than the one they currently tried. When they told me the name of the device, I thought it sounded familiar. I already had one ordered that was going to be used for both Mac and PC review. So here is that DIGITNOW! BR117 for PC review.

If there is one thing DIGITNOW! does great is the packaging. They go above and beyond giving extras to make sure the device will work for you flawlessly.

4.VHS to Digital

The best VHS to DVD converters are potentially worth their weight in gold. After all, think about all the precious memories you have stored on camcorder tapes or VHS video cassettes. And yet this kind of storage won’t last much longer.

Even if you store them properly, magnetic tapes deteriorate quickly decay, within as little as 10 years. So it’s basically a race against time to transfer them to a digital format, that you’ll be able to share, edit and store forever.

VHS to DVD converters all work in broadly the same way. You connect them to your video recorder or pre-digital camcorder via a cable, to gather the footage, and then transfer it to your PC or Mac via USB cable.


If I had one word to describe the VIDBOX Video Conversion for PC it will be small. By gosh it’s small. Not much larger than a box of matches! VIDBOX the company has managed to simplify a capture box and also the software that comes packaged with it.

But first if I could tell you a little story, it doesn’t feel that long ago that I reviewed the DC60 EasyCAP which came with software from Honestech. Now things have changed where the company is now just calling themselves VIDBOX.


7.Diamond VC500

The Diamond VC500 has been around for almost ten years, 2020 will officially be its ten year anniversary.

Compared to the cheaper ezcap variants, if you’re willing to pay a little more, you will get a quality product. Not just in build quality but software as well.

I’ve stated in other posts that these devices don’t need a record button, especially if they are supplied with a high end capturing software.


Asus has managed to keep bland looks astray with a style they call the Diamond-cut design. The drive comes handy in cross-OS data sharing as it is compatible with Windows and MacOS. Allowing direct plug n’ play, utility is straightforward and doesn’t need you to stress on your brain. Not needing it externally, the drive sources power from its USB 2.0 connection interface. It is priced at Rs. 1,949 and a cheap storage and sharing peripheral.

The Asus SDRW-08D2S-U Lite has bundled along with it, popular software for consuming and storing digital media like CyberLink Power2Go 8, E-Green and CyberLink PowerBackup. Additionally, it secures data for you using AES 256-bit encryption, offers Password-control and feature to hide files. Reading speeds are in the order of 24X for CD-R (read-only) and CD-RW (read & write), 8X for DVD-RW and DVD-R (DL {dual layer}). CD-Rs are written at 24X, CD-RW at 16X, DVD-R at 8X and DVD-R (DL) at 6X.


10.RCA to HDMI

Choosing the best composite to HDMI converter is not easy – especially when you consider the number of cheap options that currently reside in today’s market.

Fear not though, we’re here to help you select only the best composite to HDMI converters in 2021 – ditching the tacky knock-offs for efficient options that perform to a high standard.

In this guide, we’ll be talking you through what to look for, our top picks, and why you should choose an RCA converter in the modern age of gaming and entertainment consumption.

Best Vhs to Digital Converter – BUYER’S GUIDE

Software. Many converters come with software for editing, cropping, or rotating the frames, as well as for adding original effects to videos. This software is crucial for the overall performance of a converter. So, opt for programs with rich functionality for quick and effective conversion of VHS into digital format. The simpler converters cone without software, so you need to find and download the program produced by other developers.

Video file formats. If you are going to record videos on DVD, then you don’t need to take into consideration the format of video files. But for saving files to a PC, check out the file formats for export and import that the converter supports. To play video on a smartphone or tablet, make sure that the device supports an MP4 format.

Copy-protection. A good VHS converter should be capable of bypassing the copy protection that many VHS cassettes have. Without this option, you can’t digitalize the content of a VHS to watch it on your computer.

Output. The output quality is also very important. A worthy tool should be capable of converting old films without deteriorating their video and audio quality. To evaluate how good this parameter is, you can check such video detail as pixelization.

Conversion speed. As VHS cassettes are analog media, you need to watch an entire video to convert it. Besides, a computer should process the resulted video files afterward, especially if you burn them to DVD. The conversion speed depends on the software you use.

Cable format. While selecting an adapter, check the «Out» port on your VCR. The majority of devices feature RCA и S-Video ports, and some of the devices use the SCART connection. If your VCR has both, it’s better to use SCART cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is VHS?

VHS (Video Home System) is a well-known video cassette recording technology. It provides images with a resolution comparable to conventional analog TV. The latest and the most feature-rich version is digital VHS. It is capable of recording and playing high-definition television programming (HDTV). Nowadays, fewer people use cassette tapes for recording and playing videos. In its turn, DVD technology has taken a leading position.

  • • Why is it better to store video in digital format rather than on films?

A great advantage of digital files is that they can be played on any device. Moreover, digital clips won’t lose their quality over time, as it can happen with films. They don’t require so much space as video cassettes do. Besides, you can manage digital content: edit, re-record, share it on social media networks.

  • • What is included in the VHS converter kit?

Usually, the kit contains a cable with RCA or S-Video adapter, software, installation disk, and user manual.

  • • What are the other ways of VHS digitalization?

The simplest way is to use one of the converting tools listed above. Besides, you can turn VHS into a digital format with the help of a dual VHS-DVD player, which incorporates a VHS cassette reader and a DVD reader. The process can be compared to the old audio cassette copying procedure. Moreover, if you don’t have the resources or time to digitalize your large VHS video collections, you can take advantage of commercial services that will do all the work for you.


The precious memories of many families are held on VHS videotapes. Unfortunately, VHS tapes not only degrade over time but the devices on which to play them are becoming very rare.

The answer is to turn them into digital copies, and you can do that with the best VHS to digital converter.

These devices can transform those old tapes into a digital format of your choice. You can then burn them into a DVD or keep them on a USB stick. There is, however, plenty of factors that go into choosing the best converter.